Challenges & Series

Challenges & Series

Follow along with our Challenges & Series to see better results... faster! Just wake up each and push play!

Challenges & Series
  • 7-Day Summer Salsa Dance Series

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    Get ready to spice up your summer with our sizzling Salsa Dance Series! This 7-day dance series is perfect for anyone who loves to move to the beat and break a sweat. Join Miranda and groove to the vibrant rhythms of Latin music and top 40 tunes while learning some hot new moves that will make yo...

  • 21-Day Limitless Challenge

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    Join me, PJ for 21 days of my BEST strength, cardio, mobility & flexibility workouts that will leave you feeling stronger than ever before. Your potential is limitless.

    Perfect for all levels; just starting out or seasoned pro's. Osteoporosis-friendly options given.

  • 31-Day Muscle Hustle Challenge Vol 2

    34 items

    Get ready to join Tia and PJ for the ultimate challenge! Our 31-Day Muscle Hustle Challenge is going to transform your body and give you an unforgettable experience.

    Prepare to boost your overall strength, protect your joints, increase your bone density, and improve your aerobic fitness. We've g...

  • 21-Day Lengthen, Strengthen & Sculpt Series

    22 items

    Are you looking for a new workout challenge that will leave you feeling strong, limber, and toned? Look no further than the 21-Day Strengthen, Lengthen & Sculpt challenge! This special collaboration brings together three powerhouse instructors - Miranda for Barre, Kayla for Pilates, and Jenn for ...

  • 14-Day Energize Dance Barre Strength Series

    15 items

    Ready to feel energized and have some fun? Our 14-Day Energize Dance & Barre Strength Series is just what you need! With no dance experience required, you'll learn fun, easy-to-follow moves that will get your body moving. Improve your cardio, strengthen your body and boost your energy levels with...

  • Unstoppable Challenge Vol 2

    30 items

    The Unstoppable Challenge Vol 2 - 29 days of workouts for when you need a good kick in the butt. I invite you to join me in my Unstoppable Challenge Vol 2.

    Take your fitness to the next level with this challenge. Increase your lean muscle, tone those muscles, build your bone density, improve yo...

  • 5 Day Reflect Yoga Series

    8 items

    In this 5-day series, Jenn will guide you through a body, mind, and spirit reflection process. You might be reflecting on the year past (as we are when this series is released), a month, an event, a milestone, or even just your day or week.

    Our body’s movement helps to complement the movement wi...

  • 14-Day Low-Impact Strength Series

    16 items

    Ready to get stronger without the joint pain? Look no further than the Low Impact Strength Series! This 14-day all-level workout program is designed to deliver amazing results while being easy on your body's joints.

    You'll be amazed at how quickly you'll build muscle, improve your bone density,...

  • 12 Days Before Christmas Challenge 2023

    13 items

    Get ready for a fitness challenge like no other! Join me for the 12 Days Before Christmas Challenge - a fun workout series for all fitness levels. Whether you want to build strength, improve your cardio, or work on your core, this challenge has got you covered.

    And don't worry, it's safe for tho...

  • Five Animals Qi Gong

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    The Five Animals Qi Gong was created by the famous Chinese physician Hua Tuo (140-208 AD). Hua Tuo observed the movements and behaviors of five animals -- the tiger, deer, bear, monkey, and bird -- and developed a series of exercises that imitated their movements to promote health and longevity.

  • Move with Ease Series

    7 items

    A 6-day series with Tia using gentle yoga and traditional flexibility and mobility drills to help you lengthen and strengthen your body. Move with ease and prehab your body to prevent any workout injuries and to help you train harder - in your workouts and in life. These workouts are meant to be ...

  • 10-Day Barre Yoga Challenge

    11 items

    This series is all about mindful movement, the intention behind all you do! What brought you to your mat today? How can your breath serve you? How can you tap into your inner strength and unlock your greatest potential? Join Miranda for the best of yoga and barre to sculpt the body and ease the m...

  • 15-Day Perfect Your Push Up

    16 items

    If you've been wanting to perfect your push-up or learn one, this series is for you. Join PJ daily for some push-up drills and accessory work to help make your push-ups strong.

  • 15-Day Ignite Challenge

    16 items

    Challenge yourself with PJ's 15-Day Ignite Challenge. Metabolic conditioning (metcon) workouts to push you past any plateau. Low and high-impact exercises are shown, as well as osteoporosis-friendly ab exercises.

    Equipment: a few pairs of dumbbells, exercise tubing, a chair or bench

  • 21-Day Strong & Sassy Challenge

    22 items

    Hit your strength and cardio goals in under 30 minutes a day with my Strong & Sassy Challenge. This series is a collection of 21 short workouts designed to transform your strength and stamina in the most efficient, effective way. Perfect for all levels, each workout is programmed with a quick, hi...

  • 14-Day Barre Yoga Challenge

    15 items

    This 14-day series will challenge your body in new ways! Combining the best of yoga and barre, you will experience the strengthening rhythm of ballet and the soothing flow of yoga. No ballet or yoga experience is needed to complete this series. These workouts will sculpt your body and help to ref...

  • 7-Day Aging Gracefully Series

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    What is it to age gracefully? First and foremost, we honour our process, reclaim our bodies, and listen. In this series, we reconnect to our bodies and all they do for us to move forward with confidence, stability, mobility, and possibility!

    Throughout the series, you will need a folded towel, ...

  • 28-Day Unstoppable Challenge

    30 items

    Become unstoppable this year with your fitness! Commit to 28 days of home workouts in 28 minutes or less. Workouts geared for beginners to advanced, using a few pairs of dumbbells and a booty band.

    28 days of workouts are no joke, but with the workouts I have programmed, you will find it not so...

  • Help Your Joints Series

    4 items

    This series will explore the hips, shoulders and spine. As you go through each class, take a deeper dive into how each part functions to help you move better in the classes you take. Utilize functional mobility (Functional Range Conditioning) along with the LYT Yoga Method. This series moves at a...

  • 21-Day Jumpstart Challenge

    23 items

    Join Tamara for a 21-day strength and conditioning challenge. Whether you've taken a break from your fitness routine, or you're looking to add something different to your regular program Tamara has you covered! 21 days of strength, cardio, core, mobility & flexibility workouts to help you feel yo...

  • 6-Day Stress Release Series w/Jenn

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    Stress demands all of our energy. When our batteries are so depleted, we can’t deal, and anything can push us over the edge. It’s like being stuck in semi-panic mode, where there is very little exhale, and the neck, head, and shoulders are likely to be tense. Yoga for stress gives us tools to cop...

  • 12 Days of Christmas 2022

    12 items

    The top workouts to help keep you fit (and sane) over the holidays. 12 days of workouts, for all levels, in 30-minutes or less with a mix of strength, cardio, core training, flexibility & mobility.

  • 21-Day Abs Challenge

    22 items

    This 21-Day Abs Challenge will strengthen your entire core. Thanks to a combo of strengthening exercises using bodyweight, dumbbells to a BOSU (optional) this 21-day Abs Challenge will help you build your most powerful core yet.

    Now, remember we can't spot reduce body fat (ie. this challenge wi...

  • 10-Day Bunion Friendly Fitness Series

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    This 10-Day series is perfect for anyone, but if bunions have been interrupting your regular fitness program then you will 100% benefit from this unique series. For 10 days Tamara will guide you through a full fitness program, from strength to cardio to stretching showing feet-friendly moves thro...