Unstoppable Challenge Vol 2

Unstoppable Challenge Vol 2

The Unstoppable Challenge Vol 2 - 29 days of workouts for when you need a good kick in the butt. I invite you to join me in my Unstoppable Challenge Vol 2.

Take your fitness to the next level with this challenge. Increase your lean muscle, tone those muscles, build your bone density, improve your aerobic fitness and move better.

Unstoppable Challenge Vol 2
  • About the Unstoppable Challenge Vol 2

    The Unstoppable Challenge Vol 2 - 29 days of workouts for when you need a good kick in the butt.

    I invite you to join me in my Unstoppable Challenge Vol 2. Take your fitness to the next level with this challenge. Increase your lean muscle, tone those muscles, build your bone density, improve yo...

  • Powerful Full Body Strength Workout

    Discover the ultimate full body strength workout that targets every muscle in your body. This workout consists of different complexes to enhance various aspects of your strength. You'll boost your power by engaging your fast-twitch muscle fibres, develop muscular strength, and effectively fatigue...

  • Low Impact Bodyweight Cardio HIIT

    Join me in this Low Impact All Standing Bodyweight Cardio HIIT.

    This 20-minute routine is designed to provide maximum results with minimal effort, leaving you feeling energized and empowered.

    Get ready to feel your best!

    This workout is all levels and osteoporosis-friendly.

    Day 2 of the Uns...

  • Total Body Strength Workout

    Are you looking to get fitter and stronger? This total body strength workout is specifically designed for all fitness levels, using a couple of pairs of dumbbells.

    And if that wasn't enough, I've got a special shoulder burner at the end of the routine guaranteed to bulletproof your shoulder join...

  • Regain Your Flexibility - Hip & Hamstring Stretches

    Feeling stiff? Take a deep breath because I've got you covered! Join me as we go through some of my favourite hip and hamstring stretches.

    Regain your flexibility so you can stay fit, active, and healthy!

    This workout is all levels, and if you have osteoporosis, please limit your range of moti...

  • Pumping But No Jumping Cardio Workout

    Ready to get your heart rate up and sweat without putting pressure on your joints? This Pumping But No Jumping cardio workout is perfect for those who want to stay fit while minimizing injuries.

    This workout is low-impact and easy to follow, so anybody can do it - regardless of your experience o...

  • Full Body Strength | No Jumping | No Repeat

    Do you want to get stronger and build full-body strength? Look no further! No jumping, no repeat, no bs – just straightforward, effective exercises that will get you feeling strong and empowered.

    Tune into this video today for the perfect workout routine tailored to your needs!

    This workout is...

  • Ultimate 30-Min Ab Cardio HIIT Workout

    Introducing the ultimate 30-minute HIIT workout for sculpted abs! This fast and effective routine combines high-intensity cardio with a variety of exercises designed to target your core from all angles.

    Whether you prefer low or high impact, I've got you covered. Plus, these core moves are perfe...

  • Intense Full Body Strength Circuit w/ Dumbbells

    Ready to take your fitness goals to the next level? This full body strength circuit with dumbbells is designed specifically for those of us over 50.

    Get an intense, low-impact workout to help burn fat and build lean muscle. With this workout, you'll feel stronger and more confident than ever!

  • No Repeat Quick Booty Band Cardio

    Get pumped up for an epic and joint-friendly cardio experience! Say goodbye to repetitive exercises because my Quick Booty Band Cardio workout will sculpt and strengthen your legs, glutes, hips, and abs in no time.

    No matter if you're a seasoned fitness enthusiast or just beginning your health j...

  • Power Strength Workout w/ Dumbbells

    In this POWER strength workout, learn how to build muscle, improve balance, and increase energy with exercises specifically tailored to the needs of those of us 40, 50 60+.

    With proper form and safety in mind, learn moves to keep your motivation high and help you achieve your fitness goals. You...

  • Easy & Fun Mobility Routine

    Ready to stay fit and injury-proof your body? Get ready to do exactly that with this easy and fun mobility routine!

    From drills to unlock your hips and spine, to movements that will bulletproof your shoulders and wrists. Start to move better (and feel better!) with this easy-to-follow routine!

  • At Home Upper Body Strength Workout

    Ready to get your upper body fit and strong? Tune in as I take you through an exciting at-home strength routine to help you get the toned arms, back, and shoulders you've wanted.

    Plus, learn tips from my 30 years of fitness experience to reach your fitness goals and keep feeling fantastic!


  • At Home Lower Body Strength Workout

    Get fit and strong from the comfort of your own home with this fun and effective lower-body workout. I'll take you through some of my favourite exercises, with a special all-standing finisher at the end!

    Let’s do this!

    This workout is all levels and osteoporosis-friendly.

    Day 13 of the Unsto...

  • Quick Low Impact Cardio Workout

    Are you ready to get fit in a fun and joint-friendly way? Say goodbye to high-impact workouts that leave you feeling achy, and hello to my quick, low-impact cardio routine.

    Not only will you burn calories and strengthen your lower back, but you can also squeeze it in before or after your streng...

  • Full Body Strength Workout

    Are you over 50 and ready to get strong? Join me in this full-body drop set strength workout. I'll guide you through a series of exercises using dumbbells to create an intense yet manageable session that will help you build muscle, increase your core strength, and have you feeling fantastic!


  • Low Back Strengthening Workout

    Get ready to strengthen your lower back with this challenging yet simple fitness routine. This short workout will help improve posture, build strength, and reduce pain in your lower back. If you're tired of nagging lower back pain, join me in this 15-minute workout and start improving your core s...

  • No Repeat Full Body Strength Workout

    This strength workout covers all of the major muscle groups with dumbbells. Join me as I lead you through our no-repeat tri-set full-body routine that will leave you feeling fit and strong in no time.

    This fun workout will guide you through every exercise while providing tips on proper form to ...

  • Post Workout Stretches for Recovery & Flexibility

    Just completed a killer workout? Or, perhaps you're looking for a recovery day workout after a strength session or a run? Or, maybe you're just simply looking to wind down and add some more movement into your day

    Whether you're a beginner or an experienced athlete, these exercises are perfect f...

  • Arm Strength Workout

    Ready to get fit and rock those arms and shoulders? Well, you're in the right place! Join me for a kick-ass workout that's tailor-made just for you. We're gonna have a blast while we strengthen those muscles. No complicated moves, just easy-to-follow exercises designed to make you feel amazing.

  • Glute Workout

    Get ready to target your glutes, legs, and core with this amazing workout that will strengthen your booty. In this workout, instead of just going for high reps in 30 seconds, we'll focus on connecting your movements to contract those glute muscles effectively. This will give you a better workout ...

  • Calorie-Torching EMOM Cardio Workout

    Are you over 50 and find cardio a chore? I have the perfect low-impact solution for you! This 20-minute EMOM (every-minute-on-the-minute) Cardio Workout will leave you feeling energized, motivated and ready to take on the day.

    Stay fit, stay healthy - try this fun workout now!

    This workout is ...

  • Full Body Strength Workout with Dumbbells

    It's time to get your strength training on! This full-body workout with dumbbells is specifically designed to help you strengthen and tone up.

    I’ve got three circuits of exercises that will get your muscles moving and your heart pumping so you can stay fit and healthy no matter your age. Ready ...

  • Ab Workout

    Stay in shape and feel amazing as you age with this comprehensive ab workout! With beginner and osteo-friendly options, get ready to sculpt your core and build strength with exercises designed specifically for the needs of those 50 years or older.

    Let’s do this!

    This workout is great for level...