Titles Available for Purchase

  • 10-Day Bunion Friendly Workout Series

    11 videos  |   Buy $69

    This 10-Day series is perfect for anyone, but if bunions have been interrupting your regular fitness program then you will 100% benefit from this unique series. For 10 days Tamara will guide you through a full fitness program, from strength to cardio to stretching showing feet-friendly moves thro...

  • 14-Day Happy Back Series

    14 videos  |   Buy $69

    If you suffer from lower back pain, stiff shoulders and neck, and/or a weak core this series is for you! For 14-days we will focus on improving your movement, increasing your flexibility, strengthening your core and adding more flexion, and most important, extending back into your spine.

    The wor...

  • 10-Day No-Impact Fitness Series

    10 videos  |   Buy $69

    Welcome to a new way to keep yourself fit, strong and moving - even when injured! This is our No Impact Chair Workout series! In these workouts, you'll find some cardio, strength and core work all done while seated in a chair, or lying on the mat. Whether you are limited in your mobility, experie...

  • 7-Day Pelvis & SI Joint Reset Series

    7 videos  |   Buy $49

    Over 7 days, you'll focus on resetting your pelvis with 4 proven moves that will naturally and gently correct any pelvic imbalances, which will be followed by stretching one or two of the contributing muscle groups that tend to be short, tight and strong or "hypertonic". Finally, you'll focus on ...