14-Day Happy Back Series

14-Day Happy Back Series

If you suffer from lower back pain, stiff shoulders and neck, and/or a weak core this series is for you! For 14-days we will focus on improving your movement, increasing your flexibility, strengthening your core and adding more flexion, and most important, extending back into your spine.

The workouts average 12-minutes in length and can be done anytime in your day, including on workout days. A variety of tools are used, and before each session, PJ will explain what you need - but all you really need is a mat, access to a wall and a chair to get the most out of the series.

Working the 3 pillars of spinal health: strength, flexibility and balance, you will see improvements in your posture and back pain, while also releasing tension in your body while giving it some much-needed relaxation.

14-Day Happy Back Series
  • 10-Minute Strength & Stretch for the Low Back

    Day 1 - 14-Day Happy Back Series

    If you've ever had back pain, or you simply want to avoid it, this little workout is for you.

    Using 4 of my favourite back exercises you will strengthen the posterior chain of the body (as well as learn how to hinge, instead of bend through your low back), work...

  • Lengthen & Strengthen the Spine

    Day 2 - 14-Day Happy Back Series.

    Continuing from Day 1 you will lengthen and strengthen the muscles of the back, with a focus on the erector spinae group (located at the base of the spine).

    Tools: mat & yoga blocks

  • Core Strengthening for the Back

    Day 3 - 14-Day Happy Back Series.

    A strong core is essential for a strong back, and in today's session we focus on all your deep core muscles. Using bear holds to planks to side planks you'll get a great little ab burn. This workout is also perfect to add before or after an existing workout.


  • Leg Strengthening for the Back

    Day 4 - 14-Day Happy Back Series.

    The upper leg muscles and the three muscles that make up the gluteal muscle group are vital to spine stabilization, and today we hit them all. This is also a great warm-up session before a run or walk.

    Tools: mat, yoga strap, access to a wall

  • Release the Hips for the Back

    Day 5 - 14-Day Happy Back Series.

    For this session, we focus on releasing your hips with some of my favourite poses and stretches. I place a big focus on your hip flexors for this session because we need to extend or stretch out hip flexor muscles regularly to keep them flexible.


  • Hamstring Love for the Back

    Day 6 - 14-Day Happy Back Series.

    Did you know that tightness in the hamstrings can place increased stress on the lower back, and cause or aggravate low back pain & sciatica? In this session we will start with a hamstring strengthening exercise, to "turn them on" and then follow with two of the...

  • Outer Hip Strengthening & Stretching for the Back

    Day 7 - 14-Day Happy Back Series.

    Your outer hip muscles play an important role in stabilizing your hips and providing support for your low back.We kick off this session with two great glute medius strengtheners and then end with two passive stretches to really release your hips.

    Tools: mat &...

  • Stability for Your Back

    Day 8 - 14-Day Happy Back Series.

    This session is focused on improving your stability & balance - because they both go hand-in-hand.

    To define each, stability is the ability to control your body position from head to toe through movement, and balance is the ability to maintain your center of ...

  • Moving Core Strengthening for the Back

    Day 9 - 14-Day Happy Back Series.

    This core series for the back is all moving. You will isolate the deep core muscles and then add movement so that you teach and train your core to maintain a neutral spine in a functional manner. Because it's not often in real life we are still - so let's train...

  • Front Body Release for the Back

    Day 10 - 14-Day Happy Back Series.

    In this session, you'll begin with two upper back strengthening exercises and then follow it with two pec and anterior deltoid stretches.

    Chest stretches are an important posture muscle to stretch because it quite often is tight on people because of the acti...

  • Extend Your Spine

    Day 11 - 14-Day Happy Back Series.

    In this session, we will lengthen and extend the entire spine. Spinal extension is one of the most important movements to do - due to all the spinal flexion we already do in a day (think sitting). So, in order to keep the back strong and supple, you must count...

  • Release Your Hip Flexors for Your Back

    Day 12 - 14-Day Happy Back Series.

    Release your hip flexors to help relieve your back pain. Tight hip flexors not only make it harder to walk, bend, and stand, they can also lead to back pain and muscle spasms in your lower back, hips, and thighs.

    This session is also a great post-workout/run...

  • Thoracic Spine Love

    Day 13 - 14-Day Happy Back Series.

    Your thoracic spine (t-spine), is your mid-back and becomes immobile with age, poor posture and/or increased sitting. When the thoracic spine is immobile, the lumbar spine will, unfortunately, pick up the slack and compensate for the lack of movement in the th...

  • Gentle Back Stretches

    Day 14 - 14-Day Happy Back Series.

    You will love this short, focussed yummy back stretch session. All mat based, no up and down exercises making this the perfect little post-workout session, or before bed. Enjoy!

    Tools: mat