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Outer Hip Strengthening & Stretching for the Back

14-Day Happy Back Series • 11m

Up Next in 14-Day Happy Back Series

  • Stability for Your Back

    Day 8 - 14-Day Happy Back Series.

    This session is focused on improving your stability & balance - because they both go hand-in-hand.

    To define each, stability is the ability to control your body position from head to toe through movement, and balance is the ability to maintain your center of ...

  • Moving Core Strengthening for the Back

    Day 9 - 14-Day Happy Back Series.

    This core series for the back is all moving. You will isolate the deep core muscles and then add movement so that you teach and train your core to maintain a neutral spine in a functional manner. Because it's not often in real life we are still - so let's train...

  • Front Body Release for the Back

    Day 10 - 14-Day Happy Back Series.

    In this session, you'll begin with two upper back strengthening exercises and then follow it with two pec and anterior deltoid stretches.

    Chest stretches are an important posture muscle to stretch because it quite often is tight on people because of the acti...