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Front Body Release for the Back

14-Day Happy Back Series • 11m

Up Next in 14-Day Happy Back Series

  • Extend Your Spine

    Day 11 - 14-Day Happy Back Series.

    In this session, we will lengthen and extend the entire spine. Spinal extension is one of the most important movements to do - due to all the spinal flexion we already do in a day (think sitting). So, in order to keep the back strong and supple, you must count...

  • Release Your Hip Flexors for Your Back

    Day 12 - 14-Day Happy Back Series.

    Release your hip flexors to help relieve your back pain. Tight hip flexors not only make it harder to walk, bend, and stand, they can also lead to back pain and muscle spasms in your lower back, hips, and thighs.

    This session is also a great post-workout/run...

  • Thoracic Spine Love

    Day 13 - 14-Day Happy Back Series.

    Your thoracic spine (t-spine), is your mid-back and becomes immobile with age, poor posture and/or increased sitting. When the thoracic spine is immobile, the lumbar spine will, unfortunately, pick up the slack and compensate for the lack of movement in the th...