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Lengthen & Strengthen the Spine

14-Day Happy Back Series • 11m

Up Next in 14-Day Happy Back Series

  • Core Strengthening for the Back

    Day 3 - 14-Day Happy Back Series.

    A strong core is essential for a strong back, and in today's session we focus on all your deep core muscles. Using bear holds to planks to side planks you'll get a great little ab burn. This workout is also perfect to add before or after an existing workout.


  • Leg Strengthening for the Back

    Day 4 - 14-Day Happy Back Series.

    The upper leg muscles and the three muscles that make up the gluteal muscle group are vital to spine stabilization, and today we hit them all. This is also a great warm-up session before a run or walk.

    Tools: mat, yoga strap, access to a wall

  • Release the Hips for the Back

    Day 5 - 14-Day Happy Back Series.

    For this session, we focus on releasing your hips with some of my favourite poses and stretches. I place a big focus on your hip flexors for this session because we need to extend or stretch out hip flexor muscles regularly to keep them flexible.