10-Day No-Impact Fitness Series

10-Day No-Impact Fitness Series

Welcome to a new way to keep yourself fit, strong and moving - even when injured! This is our No Impact Chair Workout series! In these workouts, you'll find some cardio, strength and core work all done while seated in a chair, or lying on the mat. Whether you are limited in your mobility, experiencing balance challenges, dealing with a lower-body injury - or you are just looking for a different way to exercise.

10-Day No-Impact Fitness Series
  • Advanced Chair Strength Workout

    If you cannot perform any weight-bearing exercises and need a no-impact strength workout you are going to LOVE this chair strength workout.

    Focusing on supersetting the front & back of the body, you'll hit all the muscles in the upper body, as well as your core. We are seated for the entire...

  • Quick Chair Cardio & Seated Ab Workout

    Day 2 - 10 Day No Impact Fitness Program. Get the heart rate up, burn some calories and hit your abs with this specially designed all-seated cardio and ab workout. This is a great compliment to the strength workout we did together on Day 1.

    Tools: a chair

  • Lower Body Strength Workout - No Standing!

    Day 3 - 10 Day No Impact Fitness Program. For the entire duration of this workout we are lying on the mat. Using bodyweight only you'll work the lower body muscles, with emphasis on the inner and outer hips and the glutes.

    Tools: a mat

  • Seated Arm Workout

    Day 4 - 10 Day No Impact Fitness Program. Today we superset with a bicep exercise, followed by a tricep exercise, three sets a circuit. Make sure you choose heavy enough weights, because our focus today is on fewer reps, with great form.

    And... I have a special bicep finisher for us at the end ...

  • Chair Mobility & Flexibility

    Day 5 - 10 Day No Impact Fitness Program. You will really enjoy this all-seated mobility and flexibility session. Hitting all the tight areas in the body (hips, hamstrings and shoulders to name a few) with a special seated savasana at the end.

    Tools: a stretch tie & a chair

  • Chair Circuits - Low Impact MetCon

    Day 6 - 10-Day No Impact Fitness Program. Get your heart rate up, while also working your muscle strength with this specially programmed seated metabolic conditioning workout. Using one dumbbell you'll challenge your upper body and core muscles while using your legs to up your heart rate.


  • Quick Chair Tabata & Stretch

    Day 7 - 10-Day No Impact Fitness Program. Whew! This is a calorie torcher - and it's also a scorcher for your abs and legs! By performing seated, low-impact cardio drills you will get your heart rate up, have a ton of fun and place no impact on the lower body.

    Tools: a chair

  • Leg Workout on the Mat

    Day 8 - 10-Day No Impact Fitness Program. Using a booty band you will strengthen the thighs, hips and glutes in this all-lying down workout. Perfect if you can't be weight-bearing on your lower body!

    Tools: booty band, mat, thick rolled towel
    OPTIONAL: a squishy ball

  • Upper Body Strength Workout - No Standing

    Day 9 - 10-Day No Impact Fitness Program. Using some dumbbells, you will strengthen your upper body all while lying down. This is the perfect no-impact workout!

    Tools: a pair of moderate and light dumbbells & a mat

  • Abs & Stretch on the Mat - No Standing

    Day 10 - 10-Day No Impact Fitness Program. Train your abs with no planking, no standing and no pressure on the lower body. We start with a Tabata crunch series and complete this tough little ab workout with a nice all-lying down stretch.

    Tools: a mat