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  • Mini Ball, Tubing & Dumbbell Workout

    Grab your mini-ball (Pilates ball), resistance tubing and a dumbbell for this total-body strength workout - with options shown if you don't own a ball or band.

    And FYI - I did not mean for this workout to be almost an hour.

    But... the great news is that the last 12 minutes of the workout is an...

  • Chest and Tricep Workout with Abs

    Day 8 of the 10 Day Arms & Abs Challenge. Grab your dumbbells for this epic chest and tricep workout, sprinkled with some awesome abs.

    PS - and when I say "epic" I mean it 💥 I would love to hear your thoughts after you're done. Leave a comment... if you're able to lift your arms 😂😇

    A Fitness wi...

  • Quads and Abs Workout with Dumbbells

    FIT IN 15 - DAY 9. Train your quads using dumbbells, a chair and your body weight so you keep your knees strong!

    This workout was a challenge for me to program because the bulk of training the quads requires our knees to flex.

    Exercises like squats, step-ups and lunges are the kings and queens...

  • Total Body Workout with the TRX & BOSU

    Alternating between these tools you are guaranteed a good sweat.

    And... if you don't own a TRX or BOSU options are given. So, no matter what equipment you have, and no matter fitness level you are, I've got ya covered!

    A Fitness with PJ YouTube Workout - ad free!

    Tools: BOSU, TRX are optional...

  • Superset Workout with Dumbbells

    FIT IN 15 - DAY 15 Wowzers!! We are ending our Fit in 15 Challenge with a BANG 👊🏼 and on a high note!!

    For this strength workout, I have supersetted all of our moves... but with a catch.

    We are supersetting the same muscle groups for 5 exercises.

    Yup, that's 5 back-to-back chest & tri exercis...

  • Leg & Glute Workout

    Day 1 of the Booty Love Challenge... and it's a good one! Lots of leg-burning fun, with an extra special glute finisher at the end.

    I give a lot of options in this workout too. So if your knees aren't feeling the lunges or squats I have a backup for you if your shoulders aren't feeling the plank...

  • Full body Strength & Cardio

    A full-body strength & cardio workout using bodyweight and dumbbells.

    A Fitness with PJ YouTube Workout - ad free!

    ⁣Tools: a pair of moderate and heavy dumbbells

  • Back, Biceps & Shoulders Workout with Dumbbells

    FIT IN 15 - DAY 10 Grab some dumbbells for this back, biceps and shoulders workout.

    This is a great workout for anyone who wants to improve their posture, or for people who have some shoulder issues (due to poor posture), and this workout also rocks for people who want to also work on their shou...

  • Full Body 1 Dumbbell and Cardio Workout

    Grab 1 dumbbell or a kettlebell for this calorie-torching full-body workout.

    I have a TON of fun drills programmed on this workout for you.

    We have cardio training, balance training, strength training, and an ab routine that kicked my butt at the end. It's so good I had to drop down to the modi...

  • Arms, Shoulders & Abs Workout

    DAY 6 - 10 DAY ARMS & AB CHALLENGE The ultimate arms, shoulders and abs workout. I also spice the workout up with some cardio drills, while hitting the shoulders, biceps, triceps and abs.

    And just a heads up, my shoulders and triceps were DEAD after this workout.

    But, DEAD in an awesome "I'm ...

  • Superset Leg Workout

    Day 13 of our 21 Day Fitness Challenge (Int). Build muscle & strength with this same muscle group superset workout. An intermediate to advanced lower body strength workout with some extra emphasis on the inner and outer thighs. Exercises will include squats, deadlifts and lunges (with knee-friend...

  • Cardio + Strength Total Body Workout

    This workout combines cardio and strength, with a heavy dose of abs, for a total body workout! You're gonna love it!

    A Fitness with PJ video - ads free!

    Tools needed: a pair of light, moderate and heavy dumbbells

  • Upper Body Shred + Cardio

    FIT IN 15 - DAY 2. Get the heart rate up, while working the upper body muscles and core with this ladder workout.

    I think you are going to LOVE this workout. It's intense, it will get results, and the time flies by.

    For this upper body workout, I decided to switch things up and do a ladder work...

  • 25 Minute Workout with Weights - Total Body

    Full total body workout in 25 minutes, using weights. This is the most effective strength training workout for those times when you are short on time!

    And FYI: while you may think that 20 different exercises, done for a minute each, will get you results - it won't. Sorry!

    Single set training is...

  • Cardio + Strength Workout with Weights

    You're in for a sweaty good time with this total-body strength workout, with cardio sprinkled in at just the right spots so you keep your heart rate up.

    A Fitness with PJ YouTube workout - ads free!

    Tools needed: pair of heavy, moderate & lite dumbbells

  • 500 Squat Challenge Workout

    500 squat challenge workout - are you ready to test your metal with this fun 30-minute workout!

    WOW! This workout is gonna test your metal. See how many squats you can do, and then re-do this workout in a month or so to see if you were able to improve.

    And, FYI, be ready for some sore quads tom...

  • Beginner's Kettlebell Workout

    Tone the muscles with this 25-minute total body kettlebell workout. And... if you don't have a kettlebell no worries! My buddy Ana is on set with me doing the whole workout with 1 moderate dumbbell.

    A Fitness with PJ workout video - ads free!

    Tools: kettlebell (a light & moderate weight is best...

  • Upper Body & Cardio Intervals Using 1 Dumbbell

    Grab a dumbbell or kettlebell for this upper body & cardio workout.

    Ok, I am going to tell ya right now... I was a mess filming this workout.

    Hahahaha 😂 I don't know if it's because I hadn't eaten in a while at the time of filming and it was the lack of carbs, or if it was the heat, or if this...

  • Inner & Outer Thigh Workout

    Work those inner and outer thighs with this Inner & Outer Thigh Workout.

    ⁣I feel you are going to LOVE this workout. My inner thighs were sore for days after filming this workout - which means you may feel the "love" for days too!

    And that is a GOOD thing, little grasshopper!

    You see the inne...

  • No Squat, No Lunge Booty Workout

    Day 6 of the Booty Love Challenge! Train the tush, hammies and hips with this no squat, no lunges workout.

    ⁣We have some new moves with this workout, that I think you're going to love.

    The first, hip thrusts off a chair or couch, and the second straight leg elevated bridges.

    The hip thrust ex...

  • Resistance Band Workout For All Levels

    Grab your tubing for this FUN total body resistance band workout.

    ⁣Grab your tubing for this fun total body resistance band workout. In addition to strengthening the muscles with the tubing, I also spiced things up and added some mini Tabatas throughout to keep it interesting for ya 😘

    I loved ...

  • Workout Finisher with Dumbbells

    A total body workout finisher to help get you fit and strong with dumbbells.

    Hey there! So, add this after a cardio workout, HIIT or Tabata workout, or as a quick strength training workout if you're short on time.

    It's fast, it's effective and it will blast a ton of calories.

    A Fitness with PJ...

  • TRX Total Body Circuit

    Grab your TRX suspension trainer for this total-body circuit workout.

    This TRX workout is one of my personal faves!

    We rotate through 8 exercises, circuit style, alternating between upper body and lower body while firing up the core on every single move - because that's what the TRX is so good ...

  • One Dumbbell Workout

    All you need is 1 dumbbell for this total body workout. Great for a home workout, targeting all the muscles in less than 40-minutes.

    A Fitness with PJ YouTube workout - ads free!

    Tools: 1 moderate dumbbell