New Releases

New Releases

Check out the newest releases! Hot off the press and ready for you to push play.

New Releases
  • Pilates Tone & Sweat

    Get ready to feel the burn in all the right places! Join our Tone and Sweat Class for a fun and effective full-body workout. In just 40 minutes, you'll be toning your arms, glutes, and core while working up a sweat. It's the perfect way to release some stress and get in shape. Don't miss out on t...

  • 7 Minute Ab Workout

    Want to get fit and strengthen your core? Look no further than my 7-minute abs routine. Perfect for all fitness levels, this workout is designed to help you build strong muscles and rock those core exercises like a pro!

    You'll be feeling the effects of this low-impact but effective routine almo...

  • Lower Body MetCon Workout

    Join me for my Lower Body Sizzling Metabolic Conditioning Workout! This workout is designed to help you tone up, torch calories, and step up your fitness game.

    I make it easy and enjoyable – no more boring routines!

    Get ready to sweat and feel the burn as we focus on intense strengthening exe...

  • Sensible & Sustainable Fat Loss - Setting Realistic Goals

    If you're looking to lose weight, it's crucial to establish realistic goals that encourage sensible and sustainable fat loss. While crash diets and extreme exercise routines may lead to rapid weight loss, the outcomes aren't always lasting or healthy.

    In this video, Keyrsten, a nutritionist wit...

  • Sensible & Sustainable Fat Loss - Intuitive & Mindful Eating

    Are you fed up with trendy diets and constantly fluctuating weight? Discover the power of intuitive and mindful eating for sustainable fat loss. This approach encourages you to listen to your body's cues, honour its needs, and choose nutritious foods. By practicing mindful eating, you can prevent...

  • Sensible & Sustainable Fat Loss - Controlling Blood Sugars

    Are you struggling with losing weight in a sustainable way? One key factor to consider is controlling your blood sugars. Discover how blood sugar imbalances can affect your cravings, overeating, and hinder your weight loss progress.

    Join Keyrsten in this informative video as she explains the im...

  • Sensible & Sustainable Fat Loss - Reducing Blood Sugar Spikes

    Learn how to achieve long-term weight loss success with sensible and sustainable approaches. Discover the importance of reducing blood sugar spikes in maintaining a healthy diet.

    Join Keyrsten in this informative video as she explains the concept of blood sugar spikes and shares simple dietary ...

  • Sensible & Sustainable Fat Loss - Portion Control

    Achieving sensible and sustainable fat loss can be challenging, especially when bombarded with quick-fix solutions and fad diets. But fear not! There's a simple and effective tool that's been proven to help with weight loss: portion control. By monitoring the amount of food we eat, we can reduce ...

  • Cardio & Abs with Yoga Blocks

    Are you looking for a fun and effective way to get your cardio and ab training in? Look no further! Join me for this dynamic workout that combines cardio and abs exercises with the use of yoga blocks.

    This 20-minute routine will help you build strength and stamina while providing a low-impact op...

  • TRX [optional] & Dumbbell Full Body Strength Workout

    If you’re looking to stay fit and strong, you won't want to miss this total body workout! In this workout, we'll use a combination of TRX (optional - if you don’t own one, grab a chair) and dumbbells to target all major muscle groups so that you can get the most out of your workout routine.


  • Stretches for Runners or Walkers

    Want to avoid injuries and stay active? Discover the keys to injury prevention with me. Learn easy stretches for runners and walkers, specifically targeting your hips and hamstrings.

    In just a short time, you'll see improvements in your flexibility - thanks to these simple exercises. Starting w...

  • Full Body Dumbbell Workout

    Get fit and strong with this full-body dumbbell workout. With a series of AMRAP drills and tri-set strength exercises, you'll hit every muscle in your body - all from the comfort of your own home.

    Get ready for increased core strength, improved agility, and better overall fitness!

    This workou...

  • The Ultimate HIIT Workout

    Tired of feeling like you've hit a wall when it comes to your fitness goals? Looking for something new to get those gains in? Look no further!

    With this all-levels welcomed intense HIIT workout, you'll be saying, 'Cause I’m Worth It!' in no time.

    Get ready to sweat with my easy-to-follow guide...

  • Upper Body MetCon Workout

    Ready to take your fitness game to the next level? I've got a high-intensity, low-impact upper body MetCon (metabolic conditioning) workout.

    Get ready to sweat and challenge your body in all-new ways with this amazing workout that will help you strengthen and tone your muscles, increase your met...

  • Total Body Strength with Tia

    This fun and empowering fitness routine is designed for all levels, so no matter where you're starting from, you'll leave feeling stronger and ready to tackle whatever comes your way.

    This workout is all-levels and osteoporosis-friendly.

    Day 1 of the 14 Low Impact Strength Series

    Tools: mod...

  • Low Impact HIIT with Tia

    Tired of high-impact workouts that leave you exhausted? We've got the perfect solution for you! Low Impact HIIT is here to give you an effective and invigorating workout without all the exhausting aches and pains.

    Day 2 of the 14-Day Low Impact Strength Series.

    This workout is all-levels and ...

  • Arms, Abs & Shoulders with Tia

    Get ready to build strong arms, abs, and shoulders with this high-intensity but low-impact strength workout. With easy-to-follow steps for all skill levels, you'll break a sweat and feel the burn in no time!

    Day 3 of the 14-Day Low Impact Strength Series.

    This workout is all-levels.

    Tools: ...

  • Hips + Glutes with Tia

    You’ll sweat your booty off during this low-impact but intense lower-body workout. We will challenge the strength and endurance of the glutes, thighs, and hamstrings. In this workout, you’ll start with a glute and hip activation series done as a Tabata and then follow into a no-repeat strength wo...

  • Total Body Mobility Recovery Workout with Tia

    We all deserve a recovery day, and that’s exactly what you’ll get with this blend of mobility movements and yoga. This class will leave you feeling mobilized, refreshed and ready to tackle the rest of your day. Day 5 of the 14-Day Low Impact Strength Series

    This workout is all-levels with osteo...

  • Total Body Strength EMOM with Tia

    Get ready to strengthen your muscles with this fun total body EMOM. This workout is low-impact and safe for all levels while still bringing you that fire you crave through complex lifts that will challenge your strength, coordination, and endurance.

    Day 6 of the 14-Day Low Impact Strength Serie...

  • Cardio Core with Tia

    Life is busy, and sometimes your workout has to match your schedule. In this short workout, you will train your heart with low-impact cardio exercises paired with core exercises to increase stability and control.

    Day 7 of the 14-Day Low Impact Strength Series

    This workout is all levels and os...

  • Chest + Back Superset Strengthening with Tia

    Let’s challenge the upper body with this high-volume workout designed for levels. Supersetting the back and front of the body, you will work through a series of strength and stability movements targeting all the muscles of your back and chest. Get ready to feel that pump!

    Day 8 of the 14-Day L...

  • Leg Day 101 with Tia

    Your legs and glutes will love this lower-body workout. You’ll build both strength and stability while working on the stabilizers of the lower body in a fun workout finisher. Whatever you love (walking, hiking, skiing, running), this workout will support you so you can continue doing all the acti...

  • Yoga Flow with Tia

    You'll find the perfect balance of activation and recovery with this juicy, slow-flow class. You’ll stay close to the mat and move through a series of shapes that will help you reconnect to your body while leaving you feeling balanced, mobile, and rested.

    Day 10 of the 14-Day Low Impact Strengt...