New Releases

New Releases

Check out the newest releases! Hot off the press and ready for you to push play.

New Releases
  • Pilates Oblique Blast

    A short series of waist and ab-focused pilates exercises that will challenge your obliques as well as the rest of your core. Lisa calls this her “360-degree oblique blast workout”! Tools:

    Mat, light weights, small ball

  • Yogalates

    This class mixes both Yoga and Pilates exercises to get your body moving while working your mobility, dynamic flexibility, core and aerobic fitness.

    Tools: light weights & band

  • Lower Body Flow - Move for 10

    Flow through a series of moves focussing on the lower body. This is also a great warm-up before a walk or run or if you need a longer warm-up before a workout. No equipment is required.

  • Desk Stretches - Move for 10

    Open up your chest, stretch your neck and move those hips with this series specific for anyone who has been sitting for a duration and needsa 10-minute break. Tools: a chair

  • Kiss Away Joint Stiffness - Move for 10

    Hitting all the joints, kiss away any joint stiffness with this total-body mobility flow. No equipment is required.

  • Floor Based Mobility - Move for 10

    Open your hips, extend your spine, and stretch your shoulders and neck with this all-floor-based mobility session. No equipment is required.

  • Full Body Mobility Flow

    Flow through a series of total body mobility exercises and stretches to make your hips and hamstrings feel amazing! No equipment is required.

  • Low Back Flow - Move for 10

    Extend, flex, twist, and side bend your way to a happier low back. No equipment is required.

  • Fix Your Posture

    Spend 10 minutes on exercises and stretches to help prevent rounded shoulders and low back dysfunction. Your back, shoulders and neck will thank you!

    Tools: access to a wall

  • Qi Gong for Digestion

    This 10-minute Qi Gong workout is specifically designed to support digestion and promote overall gut health. These gentle movements and breathing techniques help to stimulate the digestive system, improve circulation, and reduce inflammation. Throughout the class, you'll be guided through a serie...

  • Qi Gong for Stress

    This 10-minute Qi Gong workout is designed to help relieve stress and promote relaxation. The gentle movements and deep breathing techniques help to release tension in the body and calm the mind. Throughout the class, you'll be guided through a series of flowing movements that increase energy flo...

  • Express Hips

    Sitting, standing, and driving all day can do a number on the tension that we store in our hips. Move through an express hip-focused session with Jenn to stretch and re-awaken this important joint's muscles and connective tissue!

    No props are required.

    Start seated
    Windshield wipers
    Active wip...

  • Mood Reset

    Our emotions give us important and necessary information about our inner world and what needs to be acknowledged. Next time you feel “in a mood”, perhaps instead of pushing it away or judging it, try this reset to meet it and move within it. Experiment… and let us know how you feel after!

    Have ...

  • Ready for Bed

    Ten minutes of breath and slow, mindful movement before bed helps to prepare the body, mind, and spirit to drift into dreamland. Join Jenn for a short-and-sweet bedtime practice… and make sure the bed is nearby so that you can crawl over to it when you’re done!

    No props are needed.

    Start on ba...

  • Shoulders & Neck

    Where do you hold tension? Are you holding up the weight of your world around your shoulders and neck? Here is a ten-minute reset for use at any time.

    Have a folded towel or blanket, a cushion, a chair or a block nearby for seated postures.

    Arms above circles
    Cactus warm-ups
    Neck stretc...

  • Yoga Recharge

    Feeling sluggish? 10 minutes of yoga and mindful breath may be all you need to reset to tackle the rest of your day. Join Jenn as you move prana and recharge.

    Yoga blocks, a chair, or something to stack and bring the earth closer would be a good idea to have nearby.

    Child’s pose
    Shoulder flow

  • Core Wake-Up

    Reconnect to your inner power and core strength with this 10-minute session with Jenn. For all levels, move through some yoga-inspired movements to recenter!

    No props are required.

    Start on back, breathwork
    Pelvic tilts
    Knee tilts
    Deep core activator (pressing knee away)
    Cat and cow

  • Morning Yoga

    There is no better way to start the morning than with a little connected movement and breath. Don’t believe us? Experience the difference. This all-level class focuses on mobility to wake the body up and prepare for the day.

    Yoga blocks, a chair, or something to stack and bring the earth closer...

  • Transition into Calm

    Feeling high-strung? If it’s time to shift into a more restful state and you are having trouble accessing that, the hardest thing for us to do is to just sit. Join Jenn in this transition into more calm whenever you feel you need it.

    Yoga blocks, a chair, or something to stack and bring the ea...

  • Full Body Flow

    This all-levels flow can be used to wake up at any time of the day. Get breath, blood, and prana moving and reset with movement and connection.

    No props required.

    Standing, tadasana, breath
    Hands behind head, flow
    Step into warrior 2
    Parvokanasana with arm circles
    Switch sides
    Goddess with ca...

  • Recenter in 10

    When life throws you off balance, reconnecting with yourself on all levels is key to managing the waves. Jenn will guide you through a short series to recenter in body, mind, and spirit.

    Have a folded towel or blanket, a cushion, a chair or a block nearby for seated postures.

    Seated breath wit...

  • Osteoporosis Friendly Yoga

    Increasing balance and coordination helps to prevent falling, a major cause of osteoporotic fractures. In this class, you will experience the benefits of yoga - core strength, increased flexibility, and connected calm - along with building confidence in balance and coordination. We will keep the ...

  • Yoga for Plantar Fasciitis

    Let’s address the tension and tightness associated with plantar fasciitis in this foot and calf -loving class! Bring mindfulness into your movements so that the awareness follows you off the mat to further prevent injury and enhance healing!

    For all levels.

    Have yoga blocks, a yoga strap or bat...

  • 10-Min Total Body Stretch

    Are you feeling tight? Want to stretch out after a workout or walk? This 10-minute stretch session hits all the tight areas and feels so good!

    No equipment is required.