7-Day Pelvis & SI Joint Reset Series

7-Day Pelvis & SI Joint Reset Series

Over 7 days, you'll focus on resetting your pelvis with 4 proven moves that will naturally and gently correct any pelvic imbalances, which will be followed by stretching one or two of the contributing muscle groups that tend to be short, tight and strong or "hypertonic". Finally, you'll focus on strengthening a synergist muscle group that tends to be weak or misfiring causing lower back pain.

7-Day Pelvis & SI Joint Reset Series
  • About the 7-Day SI Joint & Pelvis Reset Series

    I am excited to share this 7-day series with you! Over the next seven days, we will address all these common problematic issues that are the primary causes of lower back pain.

    Every session, we will strategically focus on resetting your pelvis with six mobilization moves, naturally and gently c...

  • SI Joint & Pelvic Reset for Low Back Pain Series - Working Into Your Hips & QL

    Day 1: Give your SI joint and low back some relief with this video. We begin with a gentle pelvis-reset sequence of six moves to reset your pelvis and SI joint.

    From there I'll guide you through a mobility flow for your hips, thoracic spine and quadratus lumborum (which can get overactive and c...

  • SI Joint & Pelvic Reset Series - Strong Glutes for Low Back Health

    Day 2: This session will focus on strengthening your glutes, particularly your gluteus medius. Your gluteus medius is one of the muscles within your gluteal complex and an important muscle for walking, running, and single-leg weight-bearing exercises. It prevents the opposite side of your pelvis ...

  • SI Joint & Pelvic Reset Series- Deep Core Strength

    Day 3: In this session, we will focus on building core strength throughout your erector spinae and the core abdominal muscles of your transverse abdominis.

    While we strengthen the lower back and erector spinae, we are also going to strengthen a very important muscle called the multifidus. The m...

  • SI Joint & Pelvic Reset Series - Abs & Low Back Strengthening

    Day 4: A continuation of day 3, working your core strength, front and back. These two muscular systems are key for spinal support and protection as we move through our lives. Your erector spinae muscles are a large group of muscles that run vertically on either side of your spine, roughly one han...

  • SI Joint & Pelvic Reset - Hip Openers

    Day 5: In this session, we will focus on opening the hips. By performing hip openers you will start to open up the over 20 muscles that cross the hip. These include the collection of inner thigh muscles, known as the adductors as well as the collection of thigh muscles known as the abductors, the...

  • SI Joint & Pelvic Reset Series- Balancing Your Whole Body

    Day 6: In this session you will focus on the "whole body" issue of lower-back pain through stretching, strengthening, and paying extra attention to the myofascial slings within standing postures.

    Myofascial slings are complex connections of muscle, fascia, and ligament, which help support the in...

  • SI Joint & Pelvic Reset Series - Putting It All Together

    Day 7: In the final session of the series you will be led through a flow of poses, stretches and exercises you've learned through the last six days. This session is a little longer and more intense.

    Tools: bolster or pillow, yoga block & strap or similar