7 Day Pilates Challenge

7 Day Pilates Challenge

For all levels - join Lisa for 7 days of Pilates workouts. Recommended tools: tubing, booty band, light dumbbells, mat

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7 Day Pilates Challenge
  • Total Body Pilates & Yoga Blend

    Day 1 of Pilates 7-Day Challenge.

    This workout is a melting pot of yoga and pilates moves designed to waken the entire body.

    Tools: fitness band, fitness loop and mat

  • Core & Obliques Pilates

    Day 2 of Pilates 7-Day Challenge. This class will emphasize the waist muscles, while using a variety of cardio blasts and arm exercises so you get the full meal deal.

    Tools: light weights, Pilates ball and mat

  • Core, Legs & Glutes Pilates

    Day 3 of Pilates 7-Day Challenge. Get ready for a core, legs and bootie workout! Tools: fitness loop and light weights

  • Core & Arms Pilates

    Day 4 of Pilates 7-Day Challenge. Strong arms and abs are the new sexy - and you'll hit it all with this Pilates class.

    Tools: Pilates ball, fitness band, fitness loop.

  • Total Body Pilates

    Day 5 of Pilates 7-Day Challenge. This class is a melting pot of all the muscle groups. Be prepared to flow through several 360 degree moves - targeting all sides of your body.

    Tools: Pilates ball, light weights, mat

  • Cardio + Core Pilates

    Day 6 of Pilates 7-Day Challenge. Cardio drills and Pilates core and back focused exercises make up this class.

    Be prepared to move from Pilates postures, mixing up the workout throughout with short cardio challenges. Low impact and high impact options shown.

    Tools: fit loop, Pilates ball and ...

  • Pilates HIIT

    Day 7 of Pilates 7-Day Challenge. Get your heart rate up and blast some serious calories with this cardio workout using Pilates based exercises.

    Tools: fitness loop